Cracking the coding interview python

The focus of Cracking Interview Cracking are algorithm, coding and design problems. Why?

Because while you may or may not be asked behavioral questions, the answers will vary greatly.

like your resume. Similarly, although many companies will ask so-called "trivial" questions (eg, "What

virtual function?

The book will briefly touch cracking the coding interview python on some of these questions, which

to show you what they are like, but I chose to allocate space where there is more to learn.


My passion



Teaching is my passion. I love helping people understand new concepts and giving them a try.

tools so they can excel in their passions.


My first experience was teaching "officially" at the university of the University of Pennsylvania, when

I became a teaching assistant for a Computer Science course during my

second year. I went to TA for some other courses, and finally released my own CS

the college course focused on "practical" skills.


As a Google engineer, advising and advising the "Nooglers" (yes, that's what they call it

The new Google hires!) Were some of my favorite things. I kept using my "20%

now you find me "hanging out" on, helping users who stop trying


For many candidates, the interview is a black box. You walk in, you get a pound with that

questions from various interviewers, and then somehow or another you come back with

fer ... or not.


Flave have you ever thought:


"How are decisions made?


»Do your interviewers talk to each other?


»What really matters to the company?


Well, wonder no more!


CareerCup sought interviews with experts from the top five companies: Microsoft, Google,

Amazon, Yahoo and Apple - to show you what really goes on "behind the scenes." These are

The experts will guide us through a normal day of interviews and describe what happens outside.

of the interview room and what happens after you leave.


Our interview experts also told us what is different about their interview process. From the bar

Raisers (Amazon) to Hire Committees (Google), each company has its own peculiarities. I know

These articles will help you better respond to or avoid a very difficult interviewer.

feeling intimidated when two interviewers show up at the door (Apple!).


In addition, our specialists provided an idea of ​​what your company emphasizes among themselves.

opinions. While almost all software companies are concerned with coding and algorithms, there are some

focus more on each other in specific aspects of the interview. If this is due to

The technology or the history of the company, now you will know what and how to prepare.




Coding interview scheduling






Behind the scenes Microsoft Interview



Microsoft needs smart people. Geeks. People passionate about technology. Your

It probably won't be tested on hinges and outside of C ++ APIs, but it will be expected to write

code in the program.


In a typical interview, you show up at Microsoft sometime in the morning and fill it out

initial paperwork. You will have a brief interview with a recruiter where they will provide you

sample question. Your recruiter is usually there to groom you and not to bother you with technology.

cal questions. Be nice to your recruiter. Even your recruiter can be your best advocate.

trying to re-interview you if you violated your first interview. They can fight for you

to hire - or not!


During the day, you will do four or five interviews, often with two different teams. Unlike many

companies, where you meet your interviewers in a conference room, you meet your

Microsoft interviewers in your office. This is a good time to look around and get a feel for the

team culture.

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